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I can’t quite remember what air museum was the first one I visited but the number kept growing and growing rapidly after my first encounter with vintage aviation. During every family trip of mine I try to include one or two new museums (sometimes more) with a lofty goal to maybe see all in the US one day! I am also very fortunate to live in Southern California where a lot of aviation history have occurred and where that history is kept alive in numerous aviation museums and air shows. In fact, every day, I can see an air museum across the landing strip of a local airport from my office window.

North American B-25J Mitchell at the Lyon Air Museum

A few years ago, I decided to create a website where I would be able to share my photos from museums I have visited, air shows I have attended, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Every museum I had the opportunity to visit was a unique adventure back in time to various eras of historic aviation. Almost in every one I had the pleasure of seeing aircraft I have never encountered before or hearing stories from pilots who actually flew in them.

Douglas AD-4N Skyraider at the Planes Of Fame Air Show

Your visit to an aviation museum will keep those same stories alive. Your admissions and donations will help save vintage airplanes for future generations to admire and marvel at. Your respect and gratitude to veterans volunteering in museums will put a smile on their faces and the stories they tell will fascinate and inspire you. Now, go out and visit an air museum!

Boeing B-47E Stratojet at the Castle Air Museum

The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together.

Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft Corporation


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Boeing KC-97L Stratofreighter - March Field Air Museum

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