Boneyard: SoCal’s Aircraft Graveyards at Night

Boneyard: SoCal’s Aircraft Graveyards at Night is a nocturnal love letter to the rarely seen aviation junkyards and derelict aircraft of the Southern California desert. Follow the author as he haunts these secretive places, painting the scenes with light during lengthy time-exposures. Let his essays shed even more light on the experience as you quietly drift through these legendary sites like a ghost in the night. Lose yourself among these fallen monuments to human achievement, these broken-winged angels of the Mojave. Whether you’re a fan of aviation history, or creative photography, or are simply trying to understand humanity’s place in the cosmos, riding to the Boneyard with Troy will be an unforgettably mind-bending journey.

About the Author

TROY PAIVA, AKA the Lost America guy, has been obsessed with shooting the abandoned American West at night since 1990. His surreally lit night photographs have been displayed in galleries and museums, and published countless times, in over a dozen countries. Troy has worked as an artist his entire life, earning his keep as a product designer, draftsman, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, writer, and painting instructor. Boneyard is his third book of night photography.