COBI Historical Collection Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress


  • 920 high-quality blocks
  • Produced in the EU by a company with an over 20 years of tradition of producing high quality construction blocks
  • All graphics are pad-printed on the blocks – no stickers!
  • Clear and intuitive instruction manual Based on figures and icons
  • Fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks


Product description

The Boeing B-17 flying Fortress is a four engine heavy bomber, long range plane developed in the United States by the Boeing airplane Company. It was one of the most famous and successful planes that helped the allies during WWII. The planes were primarily used in carpet bombing missions. The B-17 dropped more bombs than any other U.S. Aircraft in world War II. The Boeing B-17, also called the 'Flying Fortress', was heavily armored and included a weapons system on board an aircraft. In addition to its role as a Bomber, the B-17 was also employed as a transport, antisubmarine aircraft, drone controller, and search-and-rescue aircraft. Boeing plant 2 Built a total of 6, 981 B-17s in various models, and another 5, 745 were built under a collaborative effort by Douglas And Lockheed. Only a few B-17s survive today, featured at museums and air shows; most were scrapped at the end of the war. This new Boeing B-17 airplane by COBI construction blocks is one from the largest models created by the company. The airplane has many moving parts including wheels, ailerons, weapons on board and propellers. It is a quite complex model and creates good fun for veteran collectors and older, experienced block fans. This is an amazing replica of the famous a B-17.