Thirteen-year old Nate now knew where the middle of nowhere was! It was right here and he was stranded in it. The plane carrying him and five other kids to a dream holiday in Alaska had crashed in the midst of a horrific snowstorm. They were miles off their scheduled route and the weather was far too extreme for anyone to reach them, even if they could work out where to search.Their pilot, the only adult in the group was in a coma and his best friend, Luke and a little girl were badly in need of immediate medical attention. An impossible dilemma faced Nate:Should the group hunker down and wait it out, hoping rescuers would reach them before the three injured or sick members of their party died? Or, should he try to patch up their battered plane and attempt to fly them out himself, possibly killing them all? Struggling for survival in the brutal Canadian winter, the raggedy little group face problems on top of set-backs, with complications thrown in for good measure. Fixing the plane requires ingenuity and team work. Do Nate and his new friends have the problem-solving abilities, the determination and the courage to make it out of the wilderness alive?