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Teacher Created Materials – TIME For Kids Informational Text: Take Off! All About Airplanes – Grade 3 – Guided Reading…

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“Airplanes: they soar through the sky with a mighty, thunderous sound as passenger’s peer down at the puffy clouds and the towns below. What fascinating structures airplanes can be – especially for young children just beginning to learn about them!

Take Off! All About Airplanes is the perfect airplane book for your grade schooler who already has a budding fascination for the field of aviation and wants to learn more. This short, easy read is filled with not just information text, but also vibrant visuals, an interesting timeline, and intriguing facts! Your student will learn about the Wright Brothers, the history of aviation, how air travel has changed the way people work and live, and the important parts that make the plane fly. How exciting!

STIMULATING NONFICTION BOOK – Learn about the history of airplanes, how planes work, airplane safety, and more with this informative aviation book! Did you know over 700 million people fly in the U.S. every year?
MAKE LEARNING FUN – Explore the innovations that changed the way people travel today! Spark an interest, increase reading comprehension skills, and discover how planes are designed to fly.
EYE-POPPING PHOTOS & GRAPHICS – Designed for ages 8+, the photos and infographics captivate readers of all ages. The infographics show the aerodynamics of lift, thrust, and drag, as well as an interior cross section showing the plane’s interior.
EASY-TO-READ FORMAT – This short, but stimulating book is packed with photos, diagrams, and information to hold readers’ attention. Great information source for projects and reports!
CREATED BY TEACHERS – Shell Education develops innovative and imaginative educational materials for students worldwide. Everything we do is created by teachers for teachers and students to make teaching more effective and learning more fun.