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USAF Big American Bomber DVD B-29 B-36 B-47 B-49 B-52 B-58 Historical old Films Newsreels DVD


1st Film: “B-29 SuperFortress”. A great film collection of the famous B-29. 1st Building the B-29. 2.B-29 Mine laying. 3.B-29 Salvage. 4.B-29 & the Goblin. 5.B-29 & the X-2. 6.B-29 & the X-15. 7.B-29 around the world. Fun stuff. 9:58 Min’s

2nd Film: “B-36 PeaceMaker”. A collection on the largest bomber ever built. 1. AAF Story of the B-36. 2. The Big Bombing. 3. B-36 and a Parasite F-84. 4. B-60, the all Jet version of the B-36. B-36 new cargo plane. 10:50 Min’s

3rd Film: “B-47 StratoJet”. A collection of films on the the famous B-47.1.Jet assit Takeoffs. 2.B-47 Remote flight. 3.B-47 and the Auto Pilot system. 7:51 Min’s

4th Film:”YB-49 Flying Wing”. Great film footage of the early B-49 flying wing plus; 1.The 1st prototype 2 engine version. 2.Monster Wing. 3.Jet Version of the YB-49. 4.More on the YB-49 plus some photos. 6:31 Min’s

5th Film: “B-52 StratoFortress”.A collection of greatest bomber of all time; the B-52. B-52 Tamdom version prototype. 2.B-52 goes into service. 3.B-52 Squadron. 4.B-52 Global Bomber. 5.SAC B-52 Bomber. 6. B-52 and the X-15. 14:48 Min’s.

6th Film: “B-58 Hustler”. A collection of films on the B-58 Convair Hustler. The 1st medium bomber to go supersonic. 1.1000 Hr B-58. 2.B-58 at a Airshow. 3.AirKat tires for the B-58. 6:23 Mins.

7th Film; “USAF On Canvas”. This is an old film the tells the story of the need to put the USAF on canvas. Great paintings and footage of the USAF famous planes. 14:15 Min’s

8th Film; “Photo Joes” Film B-62. 7 min’s

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